Memorial Park & Crematory

Relaxed surroundings

Visit us at one of our many locations. In these relaxed surroundings, you’ll find caring and dedication from Summerfield Staff staff at a time you need it most.


Our Crematory

We understand how important your pet is to you and how much trust you place in our hands to cremate and deliver your pet’s ashes back to you, without any doubt you are receiving your pet’s ashes. All cremations, regardless of size or weight are done 100% individually.

Your pet is gently placed in the pet crematory, and upon completion, your pet’s ashes are removed from the crematory, processed and transferred to an urn.

Gentle handling, timeliness, transparency and kindness is our concern. You have the assurance and peace of mind that your pet will never leave our custody and care.

Our Memorial Park

Whether you choose cremation with burial or a simple burial, Summerfield Pet Memorial Park is a beautiful and peaceful final resting place for your pet, a place that you can visit for years to come.

Our dedicated staff can provide information about the services and products available to you, as well as the minimum requirements for burial in our pet memorial park. A deed of burial rights to each gravesite purchased is provided to families.

Summerfield Pet Memorial Park is located on the southeast section of Fairview Cemetery in Bismarck, surrounded by a quiet stream and beautiful trees. Families may enter off of Century Avenue, through the Fairview Cemetery main entrance. Our cemetery is open to the public from sunrise to sunset.