Summerfield Bylaws

Bylaws and Rules

  • Summerfield Pet Memorial Park (SPMP) is a privately-held cemetery owned by Robert Eastgate -Thomas Vertin Funeral Homes, LLC.
  • Grave spaces are sold as burial rights of interment only, but would not include animals exceeding two spaces.
  • For pets that exceed 2 foot by 3 foot space, two adjoining spaces can be purchased to accommodate your pet.
  • All pets buried will be interred in a casket or minimum container, which must be purchased from SPMP.
  • Cremation burials are approved and two cremation burials per space are permitted.
  • Flat markers are allowed in SPMP, but must allow a 4 inch setback from an adjacent grave space. If a larger marker is desired, a family can purchase an adjoining space to accommodate the stone.
  • All monument and marker purchases are required to be made through SPMP and installed by SPMP staff.
  • All interments are required to be performed by SPMP staff.
  • SPMP reserves the right to amend, adjust, or change the rules at our discretion.
  • In recognition of National Pet Memorial Day, the second Sunday of September, decoration may be placed from the first Sunday in September until October 1.