Why Choose Us?

Our History

Summerfield Pet Memorial Park was established in 2017, in remembrance of Charles Summerfield Eastgate and through the generosity of Fairview Cemetery, who like you, appreciated the bond we share with our pets.



Why Choose Summerfield Cremation Service?

  • Our phones will always be answered by a person. We are available days, evenings and weekends.
  • Pet’s ashes are returned within 72 hours for the family to receive.
  • Pets are gently placed in the chamber, one at a time, assuring your families of the proper return of their pet’s ashes.
  • Tagging for the pet along with documenting procedure guarantees the proper return of the pet’s ashes and leads to credibility.
  • Owners may wait for ashes if prior arrangements are made.
  • We are trained and available to provide resources to aid the pet owners.
  • A complimentary urn is included at no additional cost.
  • Every family will receive a signed Cremation Certificate.
  • A large selection of personalized urns, keepsake jewelry, lockets, garden stones, portraits, grief books, and green products are available.

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